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Xmas Lima Beans/Leoadec via Creative Commons

July 3rd is Eat Beans Day

The healthiest diets have one thing in common: beans. The U.S. Dry Bean Council … Read More...


Gut feeling: probiotics may affect our moods

Probiotics and gut health are a very hot topic in nutrition these days.  It's … Read More...


Summer is hummus season

Hummus is a great summer food.  You can dip vegetables, pita bread or crackers … Read More...

source: US government work

FDA bans trans fats. No more heart disease?

Last week, the FDA announced that trans fats would no longer be considered safe, … Read More...

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are not vegetables

No, veggie chips are not vegetables. You've got to give food marketers props. … Read More...


“Drink your way to Gut Health” author interview

Interview with Molly Morgan RD, CDN, CSSD Registered dietitian Molly Morgan’s … Read More...


The “why” of His and Hers multiple vitamins

Do gender-specific multiple vitamins make sense? Until relatively recently in … Read More...


WalkTalkNutrition skewers Health Halos

Health Halos.  Those innocent-sounding claims on food labels, designed to give … Read More...


Donut Day!

It's National Donut Day.  Celebrate?... Yesterday was National Cheese Day. … Read More...

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