Gut bacteria driving obesity?

Here’s a new study that might have you loading your grocery cart with yoghurt: gut bacteria differs between obese and thin people.  Actually, this isn’t news; several studies reported on this phenomenon last year alone.  This new study looked at the genetic behavior of intestinal bacteria from lean and obese subjects, as well as people […]

Beware these 3 Health Halo foods

Health Halos sell.  Just look at all the fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 and random vitamins and minerals added to foods, and touted on the front of the package.  Food manufacturers never let a good Health Halo go to waste.  Besides actual nutrients, some foods are crowned with a Health Halo that may not always be deserved. […]

3 perfect foods

The Perfect Food: one item that provided all the nutrients, protein, fats and energy you needed.  It would have to taste so compelling that you never got tired of it.   You could live on it, drinking only water.  We have a version of Perfect Food for our dogs and cats: chow, which is designed […]

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