Does fiber boost weight loss? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:10 — 2.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSSketchy interpretation of a recent study. You may have seen the headlines recently “To Lose Weight.. Focus on Fiber“.   This idea is not new.  It’s been around for decades.  So when I saw the recent headlines, I thought […]

Eat like a Viking

Not into Viking? Try ‘The 1:6 Diet’ Are you into the latest diet craze: eating like a Viking?  It’s a Scando/Paleo mash up with the usual promises: lose weight by restricting your food choices. I came across an article in Vogue written by Kate Christensen, who decided to try the Viking diet while living in Maine.  According […]

“Trim Healthy Mama” diet book review

“All of us are sick of the word d-i-e-t.” This is the context with which sisters Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett introduce their plan for healthy eating and weight loss, in the book Trim Healthy Mama. Both are stay at home moms with long histories of stumbling through the confusing mess of dietary plans and […]

Top 3 Science-Free diets of 2014 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 7:37 — 3.5MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhen it comes to fad diets, science is irrelevant. It’s a constant source of frustration to nutrition experts everywhere: some random person cooks up a new fad diet, cherry-picks a few factoids to make the diet sound plausible, and […]

An apple a day keeps obesity away?

Make that “a Granny Smith a day”? Gut bacteria are under the microscope, so to speak, when it comes to obesity.  We know that: obese people have very different gut bacteria populations compared to lean people when obese people lose weight, their gut bacteria population changes to be more like those of lean people certain […]

An inspirational weight loss success story

What’s the best diet? That’s the $64,000 question. And there are about 64,000 fad diet books that claim to be the answer. But it is possible to lose weight and keep it off without fad diets or extreme food restrictions. An acquaintance of mine, Linda Moon (not her real name) did just that over the […]

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