Do some of us need more protein?

Nutrition orthodoxy holds that we all get enough protein, frequently too much protein. The idea that certain groups of people may in fact need to eat more protein flies in the face of that conventional wisdom. I started seriously questioning this orthodoxy while writing Food Wisdom for Women. Muscles mass decreases with age, leading to […]

Intermittent fasting explained sort of

Intermittent Fasting (IM) is the new “It” diet. Actually the idea has been floating around for several years, but it’s picked up traction recently. Listening to the gushy reviews, you’d think it was the cure-all for obesity, aging and inflammation. So what is it exactly? Well, that’s the $64 question. It seems IM has no […]

Time restricted feeding

Skipping Breakfast May Raise Risk of Heart Disease!!! screamed the recent headline. There were similar variations on that theme all over Main Stream Media. So if you get your diet factoids from headlines, you might conclude that eating breakfast prevents heart disease OR skipping breakfast causes heart attacks Or both. You’d be wrong on both […]

10 Diet Myths Revisited Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:33 — 4.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSI haven’t been focusing on weight loss or diets at all recently, not because obesity has magically gone away.  Rather I think the whole subject is negative and counter-productive.  Better to think about eating a more healthful overall diet.  But while […]

If your diet works, good for you Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:34 — 3.0MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSAfter writing about a recent study on intermittent fasting, I wanted to follow up on some thoughts about diets in general.  Plenty of people are trying to lose weight, and are eager to believe the latest fad weight loss scheme is […]

Is intermittent fasting that great?

If you’ve ever been very sick, very busy, stressed and anxious or on a demanding work deadline or otherwise preoccupied you’ve probably done so-called intermittent fasting.  For a day or two, you eat very little.  Then you go back to normal eating.  What happens to people all the time, due to circumstances, now has a […]

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