Are you packing on the Quarantine 15?

The shut down of daily life — aka Quarantine — is a recipe for diet disaster. There you are, locked in your home, bored, anxious, stressed, depressed, and angry. What do you do? You eat. Actual hunger has nothing to do with it. And for plenty of people, all this mindless eating leads to even […]

Quarantine Cuisine

Healthy food ideas for the coronavirus Shopocalypse If you’re worried about being subjected to a quarantine, at the mercy of government bureaucrats delivering your food, what should you buy? Everyone’s worried about toilet paper, but I’ve got some ideas about healthy foods that will keep reasonably well. Important point A quarantine — or “social distancing” […]

Don’t Diet. Be Happy.

Fruit and vegetables aren’t just healthy; they actually make you happy!  This rather unusual finding comes from a study done in Australia.  The researchers found that people who went from eating practically zero fruit and vegetables to eating 8 servings a day experienced increased feelings of happiness and life satisfaction.  They studied over 12,000 people […]

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