Norway: EVs and cod liver oil

If you watched the 2021 Super Bowl, you probably saw the funny ad for General Motor’s electric vehicles. Apparently Norway is outselling the US in electric vehicles (EVs) on a per capita basis. GM wants to change that metric. Which got me thinking about another product outselling in Norway: cod liver oil. Turns out Norway […]

Is vitamin D the answer to Covid?

Vitamin D has been a popular topic in the Covid-obsessed media lately, thanks to D’s role in immune function. Covid infections have been much more severe in countries where vitamin D levels are low. What are the possible explanations? Vitamin D can be made in skin that’s exposed to specific UV rays from sunshine. That […]

In winter our thoughts turn to vitamin D

True facts: Winter = dark Sunshine = vitamin D Therefore Winter ≠ vitamin D. Strictly speaking, “vitamin” D is not a vitamin at all.  It can be manufactured by your body when specific UVB rays (290 to 315 nanometers) of sunlight hit your skin.  Those rays cause a biochemical reaction that transforms a molecule in skin […]

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