The veggie burger saga continues

This time I try tofu burgers…. with not much success. Translating our cultural love affair with burgers to a plant-based burger just isn’t easy.  Burgers originated using meat, which has a distinct texture and (IMPORTANT!) holds together.  It’s the nature of ground meat to do that.  It’s not the nature of plant foods to do […]

Bean burgers Part 2

In which I try out a Chickpea Burger recipe… When it comes to bean burger success, the texture of the cooked beans is critical.  You can’t make burgers with beans that are too firm.  Case in point: this recipe for chickpea burgers.  Canned chickpeas are very dense and chewy compared to other beans like kidney […]

Making bean burgers

Who knew bean burgers could be so much work! For plenty of vegetarians and vegans, processed soy burgers are a dietary staple.  Giving up meat is just a matter of switching the type of burger you buy.  Otherwise, nothing else changes. This doesn’t say much for the nutritional quality of those types of diets.  It’s […]

Vegetarians demand In-N-Out veggie burger Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:57 — 2.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIn-N-Out Burger has been about nothing but burgers since 1945.  Now they’re being badgered bullied petitioned to add a vegetarian burger to the menu.  It’s 2016.  Sounds like a 21st Century food no-brainer, right?  Actually not. Like other restaurants, fast […]

Veggie Burgers taking over menus

As more and more restaurants add veggie burgers to the menu, it’s worth asking – are they healthier?  Certainly the trend capitalizes on the belief that they are.  Vegetarians and vegans are estimated to total less than 10% of the population.  So meat eaters are also buying them, thanks to the Health Halo. Smashburger now […]

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