Thanksgiving turkey hysteria!

When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone talks turkey.  Most of the talk makes the turkey seem like Public Enemy #1, as if it’s a landmine of dire health hazards sitting on your dining table. Cook it to the right temperature!!!! Don’t put stuffing in the turkey!!! Throw out the leftovers! Don’t thaw it on the counter!!!! […]

Stuffed pumpkin for a vegetarian Thanksgiving

Nothing says “meat” like Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey is the culinary and visual center of the meal.  Until relatively recently, being vegetarian at Thanksgiving was likely to bring hostile or incredulous stares.  Long ago, I brought a vegetarian person to a Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s exactly what happened.  Now vegetarian dining is more mainstream, but I […]

5 things to do with leftover turkey

Extend the Thanksgiving meal with these ideas Many of us will be eating turkey in the coming days, maybe a lot of turkey.  Properly roasted Thanksgiving turkey is a joy (dried out or undercooked turkey is another story).  Leftover turkey — so different from the processed sliced turkey meat sold for sandwiches — can be […]

10 lifelong food lessons kids can learn at Thanksgiving dinner

When did your Thanksgiving traditions begin to take shape?  Most of us absorbed family traditions as children: what foods go with the turkey, what type of stuffing, seating arrangements at the table, the guest list, conversation behavior, beverages, the desserts, even serving time for dinner.  For better or worse, we tend to do things the […]

Thanksgiving dilemma: what to feed vegetarians

Say the word “Thanksgiving” and the first thing that comes to mind is “Turkey”.  It’s so ingrained in our culture, I’m sure even vegans think “turkey”.  But of course, they won’t eat it.  Which bring up an increasingly common dilemma at the Thanksgiving table: what to feed the vegetarians and vegans.  I’ve got some ideas […]

Thanksgiving–don’t eat fake food

Thanksgiving is the one official day of the year dedicated to honoring real food and family meals.  Unfortunately, the real food part of the equation is under assault from the Food Police, who have declared war on Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season.  It’s no longer acceptable to savor your food.  It’s a time to […]

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