Turkey, stuffing and sustainability

Reducing Food Waste During the Holidays With the changing of leaves and cool, brisk air comes the much anticipated holiday season. A time when friends and family get together and gather around the table for quality time and exceptional food. What often gets lost in the excitement is the impact that your food choices have […]

Cranberry season

November in the US means cranberries in the grocery store.  Actually they’ve been there since early October, but let’s say we start thinking seriously about cranberries in November because Thanksgiving is upon us.  Cranberries are probably second only to turkey as an official Traditional Thanksgiving Food.  Don’t dare omit them. There are lots of ways […]

Thanksgiving turkey hysteria!

When Thanksgiving rolls around, everyone talks turkey.  Most of the talk makes the turkey seem like Public Enemy #1, as if it’s a landmine of dire health hazards sitting on your dining table. Cook it to the right temperature!!!! Don’t put stuffing in the turkey!!! Throw out the leftovers! Don’t thaw it on the counter!!!! […]

Stuffed pumpkin for a vegetarian Thanksgiving

Nothing says “meat” like Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey is the culinary and visual center of the meal.  Until relatively recently, being vegetarian at Thanksgiving was likely to bring hostile or incredulous stares.  Long ago, I brought a vegetarian person to a Thanksgiving dinner, and that’s exactly what happened.  Now vegetarian dining is more mainstream, but I […]

5 things to do with leftover turkey

Extend the Thanksgiving meal with these ideas Many of us will be eating turkey in the coming days, maybe a lot of turkey.  Properly roasted Thanksgiving turkey is a joy (dried out or undercooked turkey is another story).  Leftover turkey — so different from the processed sliced turkey meat sold for sandwiches — can be […]

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