Creatine and sports performance

Creatine supplementation has been around for 20 years and is one of the most widely used and studied sports supplements around. It has caught the attention of many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and skeptics alike. However a quick glance down the creatine aisle at the health store can be quite overwhelming. Dozens of creatine products are […]

Nutrition tips for summer running

Summer is fast approaching.  The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and you’re probably just itching to get outside and play. Spring/summer time is another great opportunity to get outside your gym and run. Whether you are a marathon runner, or just enjoy running a race for a good cause, there are […]

Will sports drinks make you athletic or obese?

The important role of nutrition in supporting sports performance is in the spotlight, thanks to the 2012 Olympics.  People watching Olympics competitions will be bombarded with messages about beverages and foods that supposedly enhance performance and boost fitness.  Unfortunately, for most people, all these specialized products aren’t particularly helpful, and in some cases are not […]

Performance nutrition that works: it’s about food

After listening to an NPR story about Jamaican sprinters early in May, I started thinking about how sports nutrition has been hijacked by product marketers.  Jamaican sprinters are the best in the world.  Is it magic?  Is it some unusual genetic advantage?  No, it’s hard work.  And yams. According to the story, the pre-workout meal […]

Caffeine makes a better soccer player

Yet another reason to ignore the scolds who tell you to give up stuff you like – such as coffee.  A new study compared the effects of caffeine plus carbs to the effect of carbs alone on athletic performance of college soccer players.  Results: even the modest amount of caffeine used in the study increased […]

Broken bone? Get vitamin D checked.

Several years ago, while watching a girls’ club soccer game, a player from our team was fighting for the ball with 3 opponents.  As the opponents ran off, she crumpled to the ground.  Her femur was broken.  Shattered.  How could such a thing happen?  The orthopedic surgeon was reportedly appalled that such a severe injury […]

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