Bacon rules despite our healthy eating concerns

Here’s how an acquaintance describes her 2 year old grandson’s diet: “Bacon!” We love bacon, and our love starts at an early age.  According to conventional diet wisdom, high fat/high sodium bacon is completely evil.  According to certain fad diet adherents, it’s the staff of life.  According to food marketing geniuses, bacon is the magic flavor […]

Salt Wars

Salt = bad, right?  Maybe not so much.  The nutrition world has another controversy* that’s got the Food Police up in arms – the suggestion that cutting back on salt isn’t necessarily going to result in Health Utopia. Salt is sodium chloride, and it’s the sodium part of that molecule that’s linked to increased risk […]

“Moist & Tender” pork: a good argument for local food

Something annoying is happening to fresh pork: it’s all labeled “Moist and Tender”.  Isn’t that nice.  Who wouldn’t want pork that’s “moist and tender” instead of tough and leathery?  Here’s another thing Moist and Tender means: high salt. It’s a sad commentary on how our lack of cooking skills is changing our food supply.  The […]

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