Special K® hijacks health halo

Special K® cereal may be the original diet food.  It was created by the Kellogg Company in the 1950’s, and is described as “the first high-protein breakfast cereal ever offered to consumers.”  At the time, 6 grams of (plant) protein per bowl of cereal probably sounded impressive, but Special K® was marketed as a diet food.  Interestingly, […]

Ak-Mak crackers: whole grain deliciousness

Most people don’t think of crackers as a staple food or as a food to enjoy ‘as is’.  They’re a vehicle for cheese or dips or peanut butter.  And they’re vaguely junky.  Mostly made with white flour, loaded with salt and seasonings to keep your taste buds firing (and keep you eating more and more). […]

Featured Food: mixed nuts

If ever there was a nutrition superfood group, it’s nuts: protein fiber minerals vitamins healthy fats delicious portable plant food When you mix a variety of nuts, you can slightly boost the nutritional value, because some nuts have more of one thing, and some more of another.  Plus you get taste variety, and you can […]

Food Focus: radishes

      Radishes aren’t going to make anyone’s list of top sources of nutrients, unless you’re looking for water.  They’re 95% water, and consequently extremely low calorie.  One average radish has 1 calorie.  A cup of radish slices might have 20 calories.  If you eat enough of them, they’re a decent source of vitamin […]

Food Focus: Sumo tangerines

      It’s been a disappointing year for fresh oranges at the local grocery store.  The quality has been very unpredictable.  But all is not lost for citrus fruit.  Sumo tangerines are in season, and they’re reliably juicy and sweet. I first tried Sumo tangerines a year ago, when they turned at the local […]

How do I stop sugar cravings?

It’s 3 p.m.  Where’s that candy bar?  Where’s my mocha latte?  The Sugar Craving gremlin strikes again, ruining a dieter’s best intentions.  Why does it happen and how can you stifle it?  I get this question all the time from clients.  And for most, there are common themes that can drive sugar cravings throughout the […]

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