Drink your lunch: smoothies

With all the fresh produce around, summer can be great for healthy eating.  Added bonus: when it’s really hot out, your appetite may be reduced.  The perfect solution is a smoothie.  Whether breakfast, lunch or a snack, the benefits of a smoothie include: water — it fills you up cold — along with water, it […]

Smoothie nutrition tips

Hot summer weather and smoothies go together like, well.. PB & J?  Anyway, enough with analogies.  It’s a great time of year for smoothies because they’re cool and light and refreshing and the weather is hot.  Another plus: there’s lots of fresh fruit in season.  They can substitute for a meal, or fill in as […]

Beware these 3 Health Halo foods

Health Halos sell.  Just look at all the fiber, antioxidants, omega-3 and random vitamins and minerals added to foods, and touted on the front of the package.  Food manufacturers never let a good Health Halo go to waste.  Besides actual nutrients, some foods are crowned with a Health Halo that may not always be deserved. […]

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