Does fat make you thin?

Last month this article came across my nutrition news feed: Whole Milk Compared With Reduced-Fat Milk and Childhood Overweight. Based on all our preconceived notions about fat, what would you assume the study showed? That reduced-fat milk kept children from being overweight, because Fat is Bad? You’d be wrong. In fact the study found that […]

Are dairy fats the new health food?

“Diabetes here I come.” This rather judgmental message turned up on a Starbuck’s Grande White Mocha with Classic sugar syrup recently.  The customer was offended.  Starbucks apologized.  Perhaps one of the baristas thought a 470 calorie sugary drink would pave the way to diabetes.  But if that drink was made with whole milk, perhaps not. […]

Fat myths busted

Data debunks some popular myths about fats The myth: low carb diets are best for weight loss. Atkins, Paleo and other low carb diets were dealt a credibility blow by a recent study comparing low fat and low carb diets.  Obese study subjects were divided into two groups: low carb and low fat.  Both groups […]

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