Why are bananas demonized?

What’s up with those anti-banana ‘belly-fat’ ads? If fruit could sue for slander, bananas would hire an army of lawyers.  Those anti-banana belly-fat ads are everywhere.  The implication: bananas cause belly fat.   Sadly they even pop up on this website, despite my best efforts to block them.  Strangely, clicking on one of those ads […]

Featured food: baked potatoes

Baked potatoes are the perfect winter comfort food. They’re also healthy.   A plain medium (5-inch) baked potato, including the high fiber skin, has: 165 calories (less than a cup of rice or pasta) 4.4 grams protein almost 4 grams fiber close to 1000 mg potassium, almost 1/4 of daily recommended intake significant vitamin C, […]

The potassium stars of summer

We hear lots of negative news about sodium — we eat too much, it’s bad for us, it leads to hypertension, everyone should cut back — WAAAAY back — and just get used to bland food. What we rarely hear is the good news about sodium’s partner, potassium.  Maybe we should.  Most of us never […]

Nutrition for hot weather

It’s hot out.  Nutrition to the rescue!  Here are 7 tips on dealing with the heat. Dehydration, or lack of fluids, is the key concern.  Did you know: serious dehydration can trigger cardiovascular events.  Blood is thicker and harder to pump, increasing risk for stroke or heart attack.  Contrary to popular myth, coffee and tea […]

Magnesium, potassium and donuts

Plant based diets are looking better everyday.  One reason: minerals. It might sound strange, since people tend to associate minerals like iron or calcium with animal foods, but our diets are lacking in key minerals that are found predominantly in plant foods. Take magnesium.  A new study from Harvard combined diet and health data on […]

More salt confusion

Considering all the anti-salt messages out there, you might easily conclude the following: if I buy low sodium foods, my blood pressure will go down.  You might be wrong. Yet another study suggests that the blood pressure benefit of reducing sodium intake has been overstated.  Even stranger, the results showed that low sodium diets actually […]

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