Mason Jar Lunches for the Work Week

Planning quick, healthy lunches is one of the greatest challenges to maintaining healthy nutrition, especially during the busy work week. The key to a healthy lunch in less time is planning. Mason jar lunches are a fairly new tool for creating quick, healthy lunches ahead of time. Many bloggers have recently been sharing their recipes […]

Avoid mindless eating

Many of us do not realize how much our environment affects our eating. Everything from your mood, to the friends you eat with, to the size of the plate you’re using can have huge impacts on your food choices. Brian Wansink, PhD is a psychologist who studies just this.  His book “Mindless Eating” describes ways […]

Calorie spotting: ice cream portions

It’s ice cream weather.  But in addition to tasting wonderful, ice cream can be high calorie.  What to do?  Eat fake ice cream?  Avoid ice cream?  Forget dinner and just eat ice cream?  Well, all of these might work, but if you’d like to enjoy delicious real ice cream and still control calories, the best […]

5 Tips to combat the See Food Diet

Did we really need a study, or many studies, to tell us that we eat what we see?  And that the more food we see, the more we eat?  Well, someone did do those studies, to validate what we all knew.  Isn’t it nice to know you’re right?  Anyway, a new review of previous studies […]

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