Plant-based gift giving

Research shows over and over that plant-based eating is the best long-term strategy to maximize health.  But the concept of “plant-based eating” can be confusing and vague.  There really aren’t any widely accepted rules about how we define that type of diet.  People tend to think of it as vegetarian or even vegan, but that’s […]

Less Meat: good news for land use

What’s your Food Print? As I discuss in “Feed Your Vegetarian Teen“, one good argument for eating less meat is land use.  The Earth has a finite amount of arable land to grow crops.  Right now livestock consume a significant portion of those crops.  That’s a very inefficient way to produce protein-rich food for human […]

Don’t Diet. Be Happy.

Fruit and vegetables aren’t just healthy; they actually make you happy!  This rather unusual finding comes from a study done in Australia.  The researchers found that people who went from eating practically zero fruit and vegetables to eating 8 servings a day experienced increased feelings of happiness and life satisfaction.  They studied over 12,000 people […]

Who took the “veg” out of vegan?

The vegan diet deserves its health halo.  The Old School vegan diet, that is.  Before isolated soy protein took over the food supply, being a vegan involved cooking whole foods from scratch.  Meals involved beans and grains vegetables and casseroles.  It was more complicated, and required dedication.  No wonder few people were vegan.  The Old […]

July 3rd is Eat Beans Day

The healthiest diets have one thing in common: beans. The U.S. Dry Bean Council lists some commonly used dry beans, such as black eyed peas, red kidney beans and garbanzos.  Several others, such as lentils and white kidney beans, are available in most grocery stores. Beans come in a variety of flavors, and can be prepared […]

Magnesium, potassium and donuts

Plant based diets are looking better everyday.  One reason: minerals. It might sound strange, since people tend to associate minerals like iron or calcium with animal foods, but our diets are lacking in key minerals that are found predominantly in plant foods. Take magnesium.  A new study from Harvard combined diet and health data on […]

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