The vegan omega-3 dilemma

For most people, vegetarian and vegan diets have a health halo.  The benefits are numerous, from reduced risk for chronic diseases to weight loss to better digestive function.  But there are plenty of potentially adverse nutritional consequences to consider.  Intake of several nutrients could be compromised without careful planning: iron protein calcium zinc B12 vitamin […]

Canola: a healthy alternative to olive oil

“Canada” + “ola” = canola According to the Canola Council’s history of canola oil, that’s where the word “canola” came from.  The rapeseed plant was the original source, but rapeseed contains a high level of erucic acid, which can be toxic to humans.  Plus “rapeseed” isn’t a great name to put on a food label.  Canola […]

A vitamin study done right

More evidence that single nutrients are not silver bullets Nutrition can be so frustrating!  On one hand, we have consumers falling for the latest fad diet or “healthy” marketing ploy.  On the other hand, we have researchers studying single nutrients — one vitamin or one mineral or one type of fat.  As if nutrients were […]

Omega-3 update: interview with Stuart Tomc Play in new window | Download (Duration: 16:36 — 7.6MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt’s something of an understatement to say Stuart Tomc is passionate about omega-3 fatty acids.  He works for Nordic Naturals, a producer of omega-3 supplements, and he spoke with me recently about a wide range of issues, including: recommended […]

A traditional diet leads to more omega-3 in breast milk

“If everyone does it, it must be OK”.  Or to paraphrase that: if everyone’s level of a nutrient is X, then X must be fine.  As I noted previously, that’s how the US establishes what is “normal” intake for omega-3.  It’s the (pathetically low) level that represents average intake. Omega-3, particularly DHA, is especially critical […]

Omega-3 and brain health – more evidence

As baby boomers age, interest in brain and cognitive health is exploding.  There isn’t much to recommend cognitive decline; it’s not a disease that’s well-managed by prescription drugs.  The possibility of boosting brain function with nutrition is very attractive.   It would be easy to just take some supplements.  But is maintenance of brain health […]

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