Should you take cod liver oil?

With all the buzz about fish oil and omega-3 fats lately, it’s no wonder cod liver oil has come back into fashion.  It’s the original fish oil,  naturally high in both of the biologically active omega-3 fats – EPA and DHA — as well as vitamin D and vitamin A.  Cod liver oil was used […]

DHA and brain health research

Of the three biologically significant* omega-3 fats in our food supply, DHA is most closely associated with brain and nerve cell function.  DHA is known to accumulate in a developing baby’s brain during late pregnancy, and throughout infancy.  DHA is also a key component of our eyes.  Many eye doctors recommend DHA supplements for certain […]

Your brain on fish oil — good thing?

Study results publicized last week suggest that fish oil supplements have a positive affect on mental cognition and brain size in older people.  While I think it’s exciting stuff, there are a few qualifications that need to be considered before we all jump to the conclusion that any old fish oil supplement will prevent Alzheimer’s […]

Is Krill oil a better source of omega-3?

UPDATE (4/12/2011): Another reason to question harvesting krill for human supplements: penguin populations falling as krill availability decreases. If you pay attention to nutrition and supplement buzz, you may have seen krill oil being promoted in the past few months.  A recent study tried to make the case that krill oil is superior to measly […]

A great argument for veganism

Now here’s a great reason to become vegan: as the human population explodes, the UN is promoting consumption of insects as an alternative to animals.  I assume vegans won’t choose to eat bugs, although they might accidentally eat insects that contaminate plant foods.  Personally, I’d rather eat nuts and beans than grasshoppers, giant water bugs […]

Nutrition for Winter – SAD, or the blues

Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), or the winter blahs, has been around for a long time.  It’s dark and cold outside.  It’s been snowing since Thanksgiving.  No wonder we’re depressed.  Photo therapy, using UV rays that mimic summer sunlight, is an effective intervention.   The idea that diet might have some effect is rather new, and […]

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