10 things to do with olive oil

Mediterranean Diet month continues with olive oil tips Olive oil has a major health halo.  Everyone seems to be using it or promoting it.  Food companies love to tout olive oil on labels, especially for salad dressing.  Unfortunately, if you look at the actual ingredients list, the main ingredient in many of these is something […]

3 foods to eat more of

In the spirit of Meatless Monday and the idea that people would rather hear what they should eat, instead of constant bad news about what they shouldn’t eat, here are 3 foods you should eat more frequently.  In fact, you should eat them daily: Vegetables: Nutritious to the max, vegetables are full of fiber, antioxidants, […]

EVO* – healthy, but are you really getting EVO?

Medical and nutrition researchers have known for a long time that the Mediterranean Diet helps reduces the risk for chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.  But all they know is that it’s related to reduced risk.  They have very little solid information about how it reduces risk.  The main focus of speculation is olive […]

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