Pistachios or peanuts?

What snack food does the word “baseball” bring to mind?  What food does the word “elephant” bring to mind?  Peanuts, right. Well not if you’re this particular pistachio-eating elephant, the main character is an ad campaign by Wonderful Pistachios that’s been running on relevant TV shows like the World Series. So of course I started thinking […]

Featured Food: mixed nuts

If ever there was a nutrition superfood group, it’s nuts: protein fiber minerals vitamins healthy fats delicious portable plant food When you mix a variety of nuts, you can slightly boost the nutritional value, because some nuts have more of one thing, and some more of another.  Plus you get taste variety, and you can […]

Food focus: blended nut butters

      Nuts are nutrition powerhouses: protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and key minerals like magnesium.  Nut butters are a popular, convenient and versatile form of nuts.   But nut butters have an inconvenient problem: they separate.  As the butter sits for awhile, the fats gradually separate out, and the oil rises to the […]

3 foods to eat more of

In the spirit of Meatless Monday and the idea that people would rather hear what they should eat, instead of constant bad news about what they shouldn’t eat, here are 3 foods you should eat more frequently.  In fact, you should eat them daily: Vegetables: Nutritious to the max, vegetables are full of fiber, antioxidants, […]

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