Folate and autism risk

The phrase “autism risk” is certain to grab the attention of pregnant women and new parents.  We always assume this type of risk is linked to bad-sounding things like chemicals, bad diet or substance abuse.  But what happens when something healthy turns out to carry risk?  That’s the case with a new study that found a […]

Artificial sweeteners and fat children

That’s improbable! This might be your reaction to the results of a new study that looked at a link between a pregnant woman’s consumption of artificial sweeteners and her baby’s chances of becoming obese. In fact there seems to be a connection.  The $64 question: is it Cause-and-Effect, or just an association? Over 3000 mother-infant […]

Womb service: a guide to prenatal nutrition

There is so much information available on diet for a healthy pregnancy that it can be overwhelming and confusing! I recently got married and am starting to plan a family. I am not pregnant yet but I still have a million questions running through my head. Pregnancy is stressful enough without the added worry that […]

B vitamins, iodine and the brain Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:52 — 2.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCan high dose B vitamins prevent Alzheimer’s disease?  Recent headlines suggested the answer is “yes”.  Unfortunately, the study in question didn’t really come to that conclusion. Higher levels of the metabolic byproduct homocysteine are associated with atrophy in certain […]

Eating fewer eggs -> eating less choline

Egg news: Eggs don’ t have as much cholesterol as previously thought. That fact may not be very relevant anyway.  Ten years ago, the American Heart Association dropped specific mention of limiting egg intake from the general heart health guidelines. We seem to be ignoring the message.  Egg consumption has dropped significantly since 1950, from […]

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