Thank Your Farmers!

Because our food is so accessible and often does not resemble actual food, it is easy to forget the farmers who grow our produce. Organic farmers work incredibly hard, doing almost everything manually and taking pains to ensure our food is fresh, ethically produced and picked at the peak of freshness so it is as […]

Featured food: fresh tomatoes

As in not tasteless tennis ball factory tomatoes Late summer is high season for real, fresh tomatoes.  The flavor of local (because real ripe tomatoes do not ship well) vine-ripened tomatoes can only be enjoyed for a few weeks each year.  After that, it pretty much not worth buying raw tomatoes because they rarely have any […]

Featured food: cantaloupe

Where fresh fruit is concerned, cantaloupe is pretty easy.  Cut it in half, scoop out seeds and eat with a spoon.  It even comes with its own bowl, so to speak. These days, you can probably find cantaloupe in stores all year, but I stick to in-season melons, which means summer only.  The taste and […]

Featured food: strawberries

Few foods scream “Spring!” like fresh strawberries.  Or at least that used to be the case.  Now we have strawberries 12 months of the year, if you can call them that.  Grocery store strawberries are typically very large, uniform, red and invariably quite tasteless.  But there they are.  People must be buying them, and they […]

Local eggs: delicious, but pricey. Worth the cost?

Last week, we splurged on a dozen organic local eggs at the farmers market.  At 4 times the cost of typical grocery store eggs, these were definitely pricey.  They were also labeled “soy free”.  What the heck does that mean?  I didn’t know chickens were made out of soy.  Oh wait, they’re not.  Labeling eggs […]

“Moist & Tender” pork: a good argument for local food

Something annoying is happening to fresh pork: it’s all labeled “Moist and Tender”.  Isn’t that nice.  Who wouldn’t want pork that’s “moist and tender” instead of tough and leathery?  Here’s another thing Moist and Tender means: high salt. It’s a sad commentary on how our lack of cooking skills is changing our food supply.  The […]

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