Research Nonsense .. Again

Today’s Headline Follies: “Fruit juice increases your risk of early death!” Nowadays, my first thought when reading these headlines is “who funds this junk research?” And what were the preconceived prejudices of the researchers? I know why we have the headlines: click bait. Sure sounds alarming — fruit juice causes early death! Like, at age […]

Juice, Juice, and more Juice

Over the years, juicing has emerged as a popular health movement in the United States. Common reasons people juice are to: Lose weight Cleanse or detoxify the body Increase nutrient consumption from fruits and vegetables Increase energy levels Have clear, glowing skin Strengthen the immune system These alleged benefits of juicing have been widely covered […]

Juice bad, fat good?

Never get your food and nutrition information from headlines. Juice Bad? The headline screams: “Does drinking fruit juice give you high blood pressure?  New study finds a regular morning glass of orange juice significantly raises health risk” Oh really? The study went like this: 160 adults were given a questionnaire, asking them to document the […]

The Juice on Juicing

If someone handed you a magic potion that would give you flawless skin, a perfect figure, and a guarantee of impeccable health, would you take it?  Juicing is one of the latest diet crazes that promises all of these things. Terms like “cleanse” and “detox” are thrown in the promotional mix to make people feel […]

Plum dumb

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘prune juice’?  Awkward digestive problems?  Or great nutrition?  Prunes and prune juice have been sold for decades as a fix for constipation, but prunes are more than just a natural laxative.  Some of the more significant nutritional benefits include: high fiber.  8 oz of prune […]

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