Breastfeeding promotes healthy weight status

Can breastfeeding prevent childhood obesity?  It’s a timely question, and many people believe it’s true.  But is there actual evidence?  A recent study “Early Childhood Healthy And Obese Weight Status: Potentially Protective Benefits of Breastfeeding and Delaying Solid Foods” looked at how breastfeeding and infant solid foods might influence the weight status for children later […]

Baby-led weaning and breast milk vitamin D

Can babies make better food choices for themselves than Mom and Dad?  A very interesting new piece of research suggests the answer is “Yes.”  Weaning is the period when babies transition to eating solid food, sometime around 6 months of age.   Parents and health professionals can have very definite opinions about what foods to […]

Why are there “synthetic” fats in my organic milk?

“Synthetic” – sounds bad, doesn’t it.  Not legitimate.  Fake.  The recent action by USDA to eliminate two synthetic fatty acids from organic milk and baby formula plays right in to consumers’ likely reaction to the idea of something fake being added to a food that’s supposed to have a Health Halo. What’s the real story? […]

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