Is vitamin D the answer to Covid?

Vitamin D has been a popular topic in the Covid-obsessed media lately, thanks to D’s role in immune function. Covid infections have been much more severe in countries where vitamin D levels are low. What are the possible explanations? Vitamin D can be made in skin that’s exposed to specific UV rays from sunshine. That […]

Quarantine Cuisine

Healthy food ideas for the coronavirus Shopocalypse If you’re worried about being subjected to a quarantine, at the mercy of government bureaucrats delivering your food, what should you buy? Everyone’s worried about toilet paper, but I’ve got some ideas about healthy foods that will keep reasonably well. Important point A quarantine — or “social distancing” […]

Immune-boosting nutrients

No one enjoys having a cold or the flu. No wonder, we’re always trying to do something to avoid them. Get shots, take anti-viral meds, take herbs or vitamins, eat chicken soup, wash your hands. Years ago mega dose vitamin C was touted as a cure for the common cold. People took thousands of milligrams […]

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