Aqua Fresca for summer hydration

Hot days call for serious hydration.  Other than plain water, my new favorite solution is aqua fresca, also known as Aquas de Fruitas.  It’s an icy blend of fresh fruit and ice cubes, although the traditional recipes may use flowers, cereal grains or seeds.  My preference is fruit. The beauty of aqua fresca is that […]

Salt makes you…. hungry?

Who says space exploration is a waste of money? Over the years, plenty of useful information and technologies developed for space exploration programs has been translated to uses for everyday people.  Now we have another rather unexpected piece of information.  Salt does not make you thirsty. Here’s how this piece of .. useful?.. information was […]

Hydration for summer heat waves

Take away message from the Southwest US heatwave: Being fit/young/health-conscious/experienced-hiker-biker will not protect you from the deadly effects of extreme heat. So far this week 5 people, aged 19 to 33 have died in Arizona.  All were engaged in outdoor recreational activities despite the extreme heat.  I’m going to hazard a guess that they, and […]

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