10 easy foods to combat holiday excess

Holiday weight gain isn’t inevitable. Holiday parties and calorie excess go hand in hand.  What can you do about it?  Eat very modestly the rest of the time, choosing highly nutritious and filling foods that are light on calories.  These 10 items  are readily available at your local grocery store and require little preparation, so […]

3 strategies to control holiday calories

Check your calendar. Holiday calories straight ahead! It’s coming!  The yearly onslaught of holiday calories.  Are you on a collision course with 6 weeks of overeating?  Are you feeling helpless about that?  Here are 3 strategies to help you seize control of your food intake, while still enjoying the season.  After all, food is an […]

11 worst things to eat at a holiday buffet

Holiday party season — the dieter’s nightmare — is in full swing for the next 2+ weeks.  If you’re trying to keep a lid on your calorie intake, what should you do?  Avoid overload by avoiding certain food and drink categories altogether.  This list isn’t so much about foods that are unhealthy.  It’s based more […]

11 ways to make Thanksgiving healthier

Thanksgiving is a holiday built around food.  Dine on traditional food like roast turkey and mashed potatoes while enjoying (or enduring) the company of family and friends.  Enter the finger-wagging Food Police, who have turned Thanksgiving dinner into an exercise in guilt and puritanical denial. Thanksgiving with the Food Police: 1 slice plain roast turkey […]

Holiday food: fear of calories and gift ideas

Holiday food is a pretty schizophrenic topic: either we love it or we’re terrified of it.  Or both.  First, let’s clear up the weight gain myth: Everyone gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Really?  Do the math: in order to gain 10 lbs of fat tissue, you have to eat 35,000 extra calories during […]

5 tips for holiday weight sanity.

Losing weight is probably not what’s on your mind as the holidays roll around.  More like Don’t Gain Too Much Weight!  Who isn’t relieved when January 1st arrives, ending the constant pressure to eat too much? Here are some random bits of advice, some decades old, but still relevant: “Do not eat too much”.  First […]

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