Conjuring the chocolate Health Halo

Anyone who talks nutrition around me should be careful. They might be featured in a blog post.  Case in point: today some acquaintances were talking about health products.  One of them described a new supplement that contained mushrooms and cocoa, among other things.  Mushrooms because “mushrooms are good for the brain” and cocoa because “it […]

Is fat the new protein?

Fat is Big.  And I’m not talking about the obesity epidemic. I’m talking about fats that we eat.  Butter, bacon, olive oil, coconut oil, pork, eggs, cheese, whole milk, you name it.  Not so long ago, fat was the universal health boogey man, linked to all major illnesses.  Fatty foods were shunned, or engineered to remove […]

Vitamin D and heart failure

Headline nutrition misleads again Here are some mass media headlines for articles on a new vitamin D study: from the BBC: Vitamin D Heals Damaged Hearts from US News: Vitamin D-3 May Improve Heart Function from UPI: Vitamin D boosts heart function in study from The Conversation: Want a healthier heart? A daily dose of vitamin […]

Walnuts may be uniquely healthy

Would you spend 6 months eating 1/2 cup of walnuts every single day?  It could get old, but that’s what the participants in a recent study did.  The purpose was to assess the potential health benefits on a variety of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.  The subjects, who were at risk for developing […]

Heart healthy diet not just for Heart Month Play in new window | Download (Duration: 6:10 — 2.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt’s not just about Valentine’s Day anymore February is American Heart Month, as in that part of your body that pumps blood.  Heart Month is about heart health.  The only link to Valentine’s Day is chocolate, which has some […]

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