Skipping breakfast does NOT cause heart attacks

Repeat after me: Association Does Not Equal Causation. A study reported this week led directly to these Main Stream Media headlines: Skipping Breakfast Tied to Heart Attack Why is Skipping Breakfast So Bad For Our Heart Health? Skipping Breakfast Could Double Risk for Heart Disease There are plenty more where those came from.  All completely […]

Calcium confusion

Are calcium supplements a health risk? Like many other women, I’m paying attention to my calcium intake.  I’m making a conscious effort to boost intake with a combination of food sources and supplements.  Actually make that “supplement”.  I take one 300 mg pill a day, usually.  As calcium citrate, not carbonate (the more common pill […]

Vitamin D and heart failure

Headline nutrition misleads again Here are some mass media headlines for articles on a new vitamin D study: from the BBC: Vitamin D Heals Damaged Hearts from US News: Vitamin D-3 May Improve Heart Function from UPI: Vitamin D boosts heart function in study from The Conversation: Want a healthier heart? A daily dose of vitamin […]

FDA bans trans fats. No more heart disease?

Last week, the FDA announced that trans fats would no longer be considered safe, and must be removed from food, starting in 2018.  Why?  Trans fat intake is linked to higher levels of that artery-clogging cholesterol and higher risk for heart disease.  The rationale is that heart disease will now miraculously disappear. Here’s another thing that […]

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