Healthier than what?

Recently I stayed at a hotel that served a lovely buffet breakfast every morning.  Wonderful fresh fruit every day, plus a range of choices, from omelets to crepes to egg dishes, sausages and for the many visitors from Asia, an Asian-style buffet, featuring steamed fish, rice, pickled vegetables, greens and miso soup.  One morning, there […]

Walk Talk Nutrition: pantry check up Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:09 — 6.5MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS The Walk Talk Nutrition RD team discusses foods to stock in your pantry.  And foods to clear out.  Donna wrote about this topic for MyNetDiary recently. Foods you will never find in Donna’s pantry: margarine shortening fruit drinks […]

The Grocery Store Hot 10

  Billboard has been in the music charting business for a long time.  Songs make it onto a chart based on sales, not on the quality of the music, so it occurred to me: why not a Grocery Store Hot 100. I don’t have access to all those super-secret sales figures for food and beverage […]

6 Gift ideas for the health-minded

Tearing your hair out wondering what to give that certain person?  If you’re buying for a health conscious person, I’ve got some novel ideas: A calendar with lovely pictures of healthy food.  I searched “healthy food” on and found a small list, but many of the Food and Drink selections do just fine.  Check […]

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