Consumers reject natural Trix

You can lead a kid to natural colors, but you can’t make her eat them. I frequently feel like a nutrition outlier.  I’m all for wholesome food with limited processing and additives.  But I also feel like people have to make their own choices.  I’m sick of self-appointed holier-than-thou Food Nannies nagging consumers about the […]

5 really silly health halo foods

The average grocery store is overflowing with health halo foods that have no business taking up space. I don’t know about you, but for me, a trip to the grocery store can be a trip down the nutritional rabbit hole.  It’s not just the garden-variety junk food, like the entire aisle of chips.  It’s the junk […]

Veggie chips are not vegetables

No, veggie chips are not vegetables. You’ve got to give food marketers props.  They sure know how to dress up junk food and make it look healthy.  It could sound like a conspiracy to force people to make bad choices, but in my opinion it’s all about giving people an excuse to eat what they […]

‘Foods You Should Never Eat’ lists

I think this type of list can be useful “Why I’m sick of ‘Foods You Should Never Eat!’ lists“.  I ran across this article by way of a tweet from @JanetHelm, a colleague who runs the NutritionUnplugged blog:   The author is also a RD, and she did a Google search on “foods you should […]

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