Quick Guide to DIY Kombucha

“Kom-booka, koom-basha, kum-baka?”  Whether or not you can pronounce it, Kombucha (kom-bOO-cha) tea has been popping up in grocery store coolers everywhere. Restaurants and cafes are even offering it on tap. As a nutrition student, I frequently get questions regarding this mysterious fizzy drink. To satisfy my own curiosity, I’ve started making my own! But, […]

Do we really need an obesity risk test?

We’re all at risk. The headline said “Coming Soon: A test to gauge your obesity risk?”  I was immediately intrigued. What’s the scoop? It helps to notice that the headline ends with a question mark.  In other words, such a test may not be coming soon at all.  And even if it does come, the story […]

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