Your gut microbes on drugs

Is anyone surprised by this headline? 18 Common Drugs Tied to Altered Gut Microbiome My reaction was more “What, only 18?”. Certainly there’s a general understanding that antibiotics affect gut microbes. After all, antibiotics kill bacteria, so you’d assume those drugs will play havoc with your gut microbe population. But this article describes effects of […]

Artificial sweeteners again

More reason to be suspicious Hardly a day passes that I don’t see some warm and fuzzy headlines about the safety and general wonderfulness of artificial sweeteners.  The ads show up on websites that report on nutrition and medical research.  They show up embedded in emails from nutrition, food and health organizations.  “Debunking the myths […]

Quick Guide to DIY Kombucha

“Kom-booka, koom-basha, kum-baka?”  Whether or not you can pronounce it, Kombucha (kom-bOO-cha) tea has been popping up in grocery store coolers everywhere. Restaurants and cafes are even offering it on tap. As a nutrition student, I frequently get questions regarding this mysterious fizzy drink. To satisfy my own curiosity, I’ve started making my own! But, […]

Do we really need an obesity risk test?

We’re all at risk. The headline said “Coming Soon: A test to gauge your obesity risk?”  I was immediately intrigued. What’s the scoop? It helps to notice that the headline ends with a question mark.  In other words, such a test may not be coming soon at all.  And even if it does come, the story […]

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