SIBO, brain fog and probiotics

When it comes to nutrition, yes you can get too much of a good thing.  Excess intake of many Health Halo nutrients and foods can create adverse — even dangerous — effects.  Water and certain fat soluble vitamins are some examples.   I came across a pretty fascinating study recently that examined the connection between […]

Is healthy gut microbiome the health future?

The more I read about probiotics and the gut microbiome, the more I believe that gut health is going to determine our future understanding of human health.  And not just digestive function.  There’s growing evidence that gut microbes affect brain function: everything from mood to cognition to social behaviors.  In terms of how that information gets […]

Can the right gut bacteria make you thin?

Recently, the main stream media was buzzing with the news that gut bacteria can make people thin.  Or at least they jumped to that conclusion, based on a study with this title: “Gut Microbiota from Twins Discordant for Obesity Modulate Metabolism in Mice” What the heck does that even mean?  First off, it means the […]

Gut bacteria driving obesity?

Here’s a new study that might have you loading your grocery cart with yoghurt: gut bacteria differs between obese and thin people.  Actually, this isn’t news; several studies reported on this phenomenon last year alone.  This new study looked at the genetic behavior of intestinal bacteria from lean and obese subjects, as well as people […]

For gut bacteria, it’s the calories

There’s a certain gross out factor to a very cool new study: subjects’ poop was analyzed.  Researchers were investigating the relationship between gut bacteria, obesity and calorie intake.  Many different types of bacteria populate our intestines.  The varieties living inside you depend somewhat on your genetics, and somewhat on your diet.  They are also affected […]

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