Fructose Revisited Play in new window | Download (9.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile doing a spring cleaning on old blog posts, I found several on fructose. It was a popular topic years ago, thanks to high fructose corn syrup hysteria. Unfortunately, the potential problems of excess fructose intake haven’t gone away, so time to […]

A local apple a day, in season

Is apple pie in your immediate future?  Autumn is apple season, and if ever there was a fruit to eat in season from local sources, it’s the apple.  I was really happy to read that sales of the tasteless “Delicious” apple are half of 1995 levels.  Consumer revolt? Nutritionally speaking apples have a major health halo, […]

Another reason to avoid too much fructose

UPDATE: April 23, 2019 new podcast on this topic Fructose is a four letter word.  The bad press from high fructose corn syrup hysteria  led people to conclude that this sugar molecule might be solely responsible for the obesity epidemic.  It can also lead to fat accumulation in the liver and elevated blood lipids.  It […]

More on fructose

UPDATE: April 23, 2019 new podcast on this topic The word “fructose” sends some self-appointed nutritionistas into a frenzy.  They read something on the internet, and they’re convinced fructose is poison, even though they understand little about human metabolism.  It’s a great justification for high protein/high meat diets, without any of that annoying healthy fruit. […]

Does fructose cause high blood pressure?

UPDATE: new podcast about this topic posted April 23, 2019 Fructose: ticking time bomb or benign fruit sugar?  These days we get both arguments from all directions.  The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.  The hysteria started with soft drink companies, who figured out some time ago that sweetening their products with corn […]

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