21st Century fresh fruit: tasteless, disagreeable

“Eat More Fruit and Vegetables” You’ve heard that nagging recommendation ad nauseam (yes, it means you’re sick of it).  The advice is based on numbers: fruits and vegetables have lots of nutrients, frequently nutrients you can’t get from other foods.  So based on the numbers, eating more of these will improve your diet. But what about […]

Featured food: cantaloupe

Where fresh fruit is concerned, cantaloupe is pretty easy.  Cut it in half, scoop out seeds and eat with a spoon.  It even comes with its own bowl, so to speak. These days, you can probably find cantaloupe in stores all year, but I stick to in-season melons, which means summer only.  The taste and […]

Drink your lunch: smoothies

With all the fresh produce around, summer can be great for healthy eating.  Added bonus: when it’s really hot out, your appetite may be reduced.  The perfect solution is a smoothie.  Whether breakfast, lunch or a snack, the benefits of a smoothie include: water — it fills you up cold — along with water, it […]

Featured food: grapefruit

It’s grapefruit season.  It’s also diet season.  Happy coincidence! This citrus fruit has everything going for it, nutritionally speaking: low calorie: 1/2 of a grapefruit has about 50-60 calories, depending on size. high water content: that means grapefruit is filling low sugar: the astringent taste can stifle your sweet tooth high fiber high vitamin C […]

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