Fake news? Welcome to my world.

Politicians and social media  moguls have been ranting about the newly recognized phenomenon of fake news.  My response: “Welcome to my world.”  Fake nutrition news has been around for decades.  It can be completely fake, with zero evidence, such as ‘gluten causes weight gain’.  Or it can be a sneaky innuendo that relies on false assumptions about […]

Fish eating made easy: canned tuna

Eat fish twice a week? Canned tuna to the rescue. You’ve probably heard the recommendation to Eat More Fish.  Fish is healthy.  It’s high in omega-3 fats (well, some fish are), low calorie (well, some fish are) and high protein.  The Mediterranean Diet advises people to eat fish twice a week.  But eating more fish […]

Omega-3 from salmon

It’s easy to forget that, before nutrition was hijacked by the supplement industry, we got our nutrients from food.  You still could, theoretically, get all nutrients from food, if you ate a really wholesome balanced diet, void of junk food and empty calories.  Even then, it would be hard to get enough of certain nutrients. […]

Gong Xi Fat Choy!

It’s Chinese New Year today, year 4709 by the Chinese calendar, and Year of the Dragon.  The New Year greeting – Gong Xi Fat Choy (or Fa Cai) – wishes prosperity for the new year.  On the advice of an acquaintance from Malaysia, I put gold coins under my pillow, so I wake up in […]

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