The ketogenic diet.

Read this before trying. The ketogenic diet is not new.  It’s been around in official form since the early 20th century, when it was an accepted treatment for epilepsy and seizures, before anticonvulsant drugs were developed.  But people have known for centuries that diet restriction could help control  seizures.  In Ancient Greece, epilepsy was blamed […]

Featured food: natural pork

It’s hard to find pork that isn’t injected with salt water. A funny line in a TV show caught my attention recently: a family was eating dinner, and one of the characters remarked that pork just wasn’t the same anymore since they took all the fat out of it.  Amen. I think about that when […]

Featured food: butter

Anyone who knows me, or has been the (lucky) recipient of homemade Christmas cookies or other random baked items knows I ONLY USE BUTTER.  You’ll never find (bleh!) margarine in my house.  So I was very happy to read that US consumers are eating more butter.  Flavor trumps health halo. According to consumption statistics, our […]

Could vegetable fats and artificial sweeteners be bad for you?

We’ve got some contrarian research results this week, which just goes to show you: take nothing for granted when it comes to conventional nutrition wisdom.  Things that make sense may actually not be true. 1. Artificial Sweeteners are a bad mix with alcohol Alcoholic beverages have calories.  Drink mixes have calories.  Soft drinks have calories. […]

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