Is olive oil the only healthy oil?

Sometimes I sound like a broken record to myself: Use olive oil Olive oil is the best choice Switch to olive oil Olive oil, olive oil, olive oil!! Can olive oil really be so uniquely important for health? More so that any other oil? Where does that leave people in geographic regions that have never […]

Does fat make you thin?

Last month this article came across my nutrition news feed: Whole Milk Compared With Reduced-Fat Milk and Childhood Overweight. Based on all our preconceived notions about fat, what would you assume the study showed? That reduced-fat milk kept children from being overweight, because Fat is Bad? You’d be wrong. In fact the study found that […]

Why I hate palm oil

The road to tropical rain forest ruin is paved with good intentions. Consider the time line of our obsession with heart healthy diets: Back in the mid-20th Century, health experts told us that saturated fat was the cause of heart attacks –>> Solution: avoid eating high saturated fat foods. Like butter; half the fat in […]

The ketogenic diet.

Read this before trying. The ketogenic diet is not new.  It’s been around in official form since the early 20th century, when it was an accepted treatment for epilepsy and seizures, before anticonvulsant drugs were developed.  But people have known for centuries that diet restriction could help control  seizures.  In Ancient Greece, epilepsy was blamed […]

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