Celebrate The Year of Fat

If there’s one thing we can say for sure about diets and nutrition it’s this: everything old is new again.  Fads and trends fade away and then come back.  It’s like there’s a Nutrition Zodiac cycle, much like the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac.  The Nutrition Zodiac might look like this: The Year of […]

Bacon rules despite our healthy eating concerns

Here’s how an acquaintance describes her 2 year old grandson’s diet: “Bacon!” We love bacon, and our love starts at an early age.  According to conventional diet wisdom, high fat/high sodium bacon is completely evil.  According to certain fad diet adherents, it’s the staff of life.  According to food marketing geniuses, bacon is the magic flavor […]

“Moist & Tender” pork: a good argument for local food

Something annoying is happening to fresh pork: it’s all labeled “Moist and Tender”.  Isn’t that nice.  Who wouldn’t want pork that’s “moist and tender” instead of tough and leathery?  Here’s another thing Moist and Tender means: high salt. It’s a sad commentary on how our lack of cooking skills is changing our food supply.  The […]

Should you eat, or not, before you exercise?

The question of whether or not you should eat before exercise depends on a lot of variables.  Can your stomach handle food while you’re active?  Are you competing in an event, or just casually jogging?  Is your work-out very strenuous, or just casual?   Some new research suggests that there’s another variable to add: are […]

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