Should you add eggs to your vegan diet?

A vegan diet is not without inherent nutritional problems.  B12, vitamin D, choline and long chain omega-3 fats come to mind.  Then there’s zinc, calcium and iron.  You can find those minerals in plant foods, but they’re typically in a different chemical form and harder to absorb than from animal-source foods.  Being vegan 40 or […]

Down with egg whites!

The “No White Foods Diet” has been around in one form or another for decades.  It started as a carb-phobic plan, since the guilty foods were white bread, rice, , pasta, potatoes, sugar and so forth.  Unfortunately the simplistic rule to avoid white foods means all kinds of non-carb healthy foods are also white: yogurt, cottage […]

Food of the Week: eggs

Eggs were a mainstay of breakfast when I was growing up, and I admit I didn’t much like them.  Especially fried eggs.  Then I discovered omelets and quiche, and started eating more eggs.  At about the same time, thanks to misplaced hysteria over cholesterol, eggs became pariah foods, shunned by everyone.  The author of one […]

Eggs – they’re what’s for dinner

I learned some interesting things about diet and cholesterol recently, from a webinar sponsored by one of my professional associations: Interesting Fact #1: the diet mantra in the US is a limit of 300 mg cholesterol per day.  Where did that number come from?  Is it based on some solid research showing that people who […]

Local eggs: delicious, but pricey. Worth the cost?

Last week, we splurged on a dozen organic local eggs at the farmers market.  At 4 times the cost of typical grocery store eggs, these were definitely pricey.  They were also labeled “soy free”.  What the heck does that mean?  I didn’t know chickens were made out of soy.  Oh wait, they’re not.  Labeling eggs […]

Eating fewer eggs -> eating less choline

Egg news: Eggs don’ t have as much cholesterol as previously thought. That fact may not be very relevant anyway.  Ten years ago, the American Heart Association dropped specific mention of limiting egg intake from the general heart health guidelines. We seem to be ignoring the message.  Egg consumption has dropped significantly since 1950, from […]

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