10 Diet Myths Revisited

https://radionutrition.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/10-Diet-Myths-Revisited.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 10:33 — 4.8MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI haven’t been focusing on weight loss or diets at all recently, not because obesity has magically gone away.  Rather I think the whole subject is negative and counter-productive.  Better to think about eating a more healthful overall diet. […]

Why are women are getting fatter?

My 10 speculative explanations. You didn’t need a statistical study to tell you people are getting fatter.  Just go out and look around.  But it helps to have your observations confirmed by health experts, and the latest bad news is that women are becoming more obese — 40% at last count — at a fast […]

3 strategies to control holiday calories

Check your calendar. Holiday calories straight ahead! It’s coming!  The yearly onslaught of holiday calories.  Are you on a collision course with 6 weeks of overeating?  Are you feeling helpless about that?  Here are 3 strategies to help you seize control of your food intake, while still enjoying the season.  After all, food is an […]

Calories in the news

Restaurant calorie labeling doesn’t change our food choices Calorie labeling on restaurant menus is the Food Police’s most glorious “accomplishment”.  They can’t get enough of the eat-by-numbers lifestyle.  Doesn’t everybody eat that way?  They agitated for the mandatory calorie labeling law, that’s buried somewhere in the 2000++ pages of Obamacare.  The simple-minded assumption was that: […]

The Progress-Oh! diet

To capitalize on diet season, Progresso is running a cute TV ad to highlight the fact that many of its canned soups are 100 calories or less per serving.  Some are 110 calories, a minor difference.  Anything in that range would be a great choice as part of a low calorie meal (along with salad, fruit, […]

The McDonald’s diet

The food snobs and nutrition police are certainly didn’t welcome this news.  An Iowa high school teacher lost 37 pounds in 3 months eating nothing but McDonald’s food.  Wasn’t McDonald’s food supposed to supersize people? Well, only if you gorge on calories.  In the propaganda documentary film “Supersize Me”, the star-writer-director supposedly proved that eating […]

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