Are dairy fats the new health food?

“Diabetes here I come.” This rather judgmental message turned up on a Starbuck’s Grande White Mocha with Classic sugar syrup recently.  The customer was offended.  Starbucks apologized.  Perhaps one of the baristas thought a 470 calorie sugary drink would pave the way to diabetes.  But if that drink was made with whole milk, perhaps not. […]

And speaking of sugar, is it really toxic?

The mainstream media just loves black-and-white, villain vs. Health Halo nutrition controversies.  So no surprise, they jumped on the ‘Sugar Is Toxic’ band wagon recently, based on the opinions of a doctor who is known for his strident views on sugar.  A 60 Minutes report featured Dr. Robert Lustig, who is on the warpath against […]

Is standing the new exercise?

Diabetes cases to top 48 million by 2050!  This was the CDC’s message 4 years ago.  A newly revised CDC prediction came out last week: double that earlier prediction.  And then some.  Over 100 million cases of obesity-linked Type 2 diabetes are likely by 2050.  The CDC claims the revised estimate was necessitated by population […]

EVO* – healthy, but are you really getting EVO?

Medical and nutrition researchers have known for a long time that the Mediterranean Diet helps reduces the risk for chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.  But all they know is that it’s related to reduced risk.  They have very little solid information about how it reduces risk.  The main focus of speculation is olive […]

You may now eat steak

New Flash: processed meats are high in salt.  Another news flash: fresh unprocessed meats are not high in salt.  When researchers compared intake of processed vs. fresh meat to heart disease risk they discovered that, lumping all “meat” together isn’t a good idea.  Apparently processed meat intake is linked to increased risk for heart disease […]

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