A traditional diet leads to more omega-3 in breast milk

“If everyone does it, it must be OK”.  Or to paraphrase that: if everyone’s level of a nutrient is X, then X must be fine.  As I noted previously, that’s how the US establishes what is “normal” intake for omega-3.  It’s the (pathetically low) level that represents average intake. Omega-3, particularly DHA, is especially critical […]

Omega-3 and brain health – more evidence

As baby boomers age, interest in brain and cognitive health is exploding.  There isn’t much to recommend cognitive decline; it’s not a disease that’s well-managed by prescription drugs.  The possibility of boosting brain function with nutrition is very attractive.   It would be easy to just take some supplements.  But is maintenance of brain health […]

DHA and brain health research

Of the three biologically significant* omega-3 fats in our food supply, DHA is most closely associated with brain and nerve cell function.  DHA is known to accumulate in a developing baby’s brain during late pregnancy, and throughout infancy.  DHA is also a key component of our eyes.  Many eye doctors recommend DHA supplements for certain […]

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