Featured food: apples

Apples are around all year now, but fall is real apple season. Apples will be at their peak for flavor and crispness.  It’s a good time to sample unusual varieties of apples, if you find them at your grocery store or farmer’s market.  Flavors and texture can vary a lot between varieties, so pick the […]

Statins, calories and omega-3

Three random research reports for Monday 1. Statin users gorging on junk food Statins drugs are everywhere.  They’re prescribed to lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.  Some doctors reportedly think they should be added to the water supply.  Major ugh!  Although they can lower LDL, they come with a giant laundry list of unpleasant (or worse) side effects, […]

What’s the best oatmeal

It’s winter, and a great time for oatmeal.  January was Oatmeal Month, and today is Oatmeal Monday.  Oatmeal Monday, or Meal Monday, has a very interesting back story (so interesting it has its own Facebook page).  Hundreds of years ago, students at universities in Scotland typically lived in the homes of local people.  Campus dining didn’t […]

Eggs – they’re what’s for dinner

I learned some interesting things about diet and cholesterol recently, from a webinar sponsored by one of my professional associations: Interesting Fact #1: the diet mantra in the US is a limit of 300 mg cholesterol per day.  Where did that number come from?  Is it based on some solid research showing that people who […]

Vitamin D news updates

Vitamin D remains one of my favorite nutrients.  It has a Cinderella story arc, ignored for decades and suddenly rocketing to fame thanks to the persistence of a handful of dedicated researchers.  There’s more news today, including a new study from Iran of all places (this is the second time I’ve seen nutrition research from […]

One man’s junk food diet (don’t tell the Food Police it’s working)

This story is sure to bring out the ire of the Food Police and anyone else who blames their weight on specific junk foods.  Just over a month ago, Kansas State University nutrition professor Mark Haub started his own personal demonstration diet of the effects of simple calorie control.  He put himself on an 1800 […]

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