Artificial sweeteners and fat children

That’s improbable! This might be your reaction to the results of a new study that looked at a link between a pregnant woman’s consumption of artificial sweeteners and her baby’s chances of becoming obese. In fact there seems to be a connection.  The $64 question: is it Cause-and-Effect, or just an association? Over 3000 mother-infant […]

Food shaming and obesity headlines

In the past few weeks, there’s been a flurry of obesity-related news stories.  Not that we need anymore bad news about obesity, but I thought the stories were diverse enough to deserve some attention: CDC says hundreds of thousands of people die unnecessarily each year Basically the CDC says almost 900,000 people younger than 80 […]

Childhood obesity decreases: Yay! or Yawn.

The recent frenzy about trends in childhood obesity is a sign of how desperate we are for any hint of good news about obesity.  If you get your nutrition news from headlines, you might mistakenly conclude that obesity is over.  You can disabuse yourself of that belief by going out in a public place and […]

News updates: child obesity, breastfeeding and bad fad diets

Bad Santa Alert: A study from LSU finds that when kids have a TV in their room, they’re more obese and have increase risk for heart disease.  Even if food intake is the same.  Another bad effect: sleep disturbance.  It’s a clear message for parents who are considering buying Junior a TV for his or […]

Sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup — it’s all calories.

The recent attempt by corn producers to redefine high fructose corn syrup as “corn sugar” is under attack from the usual suspects: the Food Police, who see a conspiracy to force a uniquely evil substance on an unsuspecting public the cane and beet sugar producers, who see a conspiracy to undercut their sales. What do […]

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