10 lifelong food lessons kids can learn at Thanksgiving dinner

When did your Thanksgiving traditions begin to take shape?  Most of us absorbed family traditions as children: what foods go with the turkey, what type of stuffing, seating arrangements at the table, the guest list, conversation behavior, beverages, the desserts, even serving time for dinner.  For better or worse, we tend to do things the […]

12 tips to make healthy snacks the easy after-school choice

As school starts up again, some parents worry about what kids eat for lunch.  School lunches don’t have the best reputation, although a new set of guidelines may make lunches healthier.  One of the my biggest issues with school is the timing of meals.  Kids get up at the crack of dawn, rush out of […]

Vitamin D news updates

Vitamin D remains one of my favorite nutrients.  It has a Cinderella story arc, ignored for decades and suddenly rocketing to fame thanks to the persistence of a handful of dedicated researchers.  There’s more news today, including a new study from Iran of all places (this is the second time I’ve seen nutrition research from […]

Are potatoes evil?

https://radionutrition.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/RN-PotatoBan-20111107.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 4:41 — 2.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAre potatoes evil?  To hear some Food Police tell it, potatoes are singly responsible for the obesity epidemic.  But the Food Police have also blamed McDonald’s, school lunches, high fructose corn syrup and super sized drinks.  Obviously, these can’t […]

Eating Disorder-proof your child

As a follow up to my podcast on Eating Disorders, here are some suggestions on how parents can minimize the chances of a child developing an eating disorder.  While it’s not possible to guarantee that any interventions will absolutely prevent an eating disorder, these recommendations can support that goal: 1. Don’t model dieting behavior. Never […]

Plant milks vs. cow’s milk

Sales of alternative milks are growing, so it’s worth looking at the nutritional impact of these products compared to cow’s milk, which is still the most widely consumed.  Milk produced by animals is intended as nutrition for growing offspring.  Growth of muscle, bone and tissue depends on protein, vitamins and minerals, with milk sugar (lactose) […]

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