Cottage cheese tries for a comeback

It might come as a surprise to most people under age 55, but yogurt did not always dominate the dairy aisle.  Instead, there was cottage cheese, an essential feature of “diet” plates and diet plans.  It came in large tubs.  It came in one flavor — plain.  Both of which are still the case, 60-odd […]

Calcium confusion

Are calcium supplements a health risk? Like many other women, I’m paying attention to my calcium intake.  I’m making a conscious effort to boost intake with a combination of food sources and supplements.  Actually make that “supplement”.  I take one 300 mg pill a day, usually.  As calcium citrate, not carbonate (the more common pill […]

Unconventional calcium

Earlier this month, I wrote about calcium sources.  The usual suspects — dairy foods and greens — with some twists (Greek style yogurt doesn’t have as much as regular).  Which got me thinking about other food sources you may not think about. Such as gnawing on bones.  Just joking, sort of.  For some reason I […]

Best foods for calcium

So you want to consume more calcium?  You’re not alone.  We’re bombarded with the message to boost calcium intake, to boost bone strength.  Calcium pills certainly seem like an easy fix, assuming you remember to take them, but in the past few years, questions were raised about possible links between calcium supplements and heart disease […]

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