Are blueberries that special?

Just in time for summer blueberry season, a study that touts the miracle benefits of blueberries! What A Coincidence! According to the blog on the Blueberry Council Website, you’ve now got a reason to eat blueberries every single day. Eating a daily cup of blueberries for 6 months was linked to improvements in heart health […]

Food of the Week: blueberries

It’s Blueberry Month, so what better time for blueberries to also be Food of the Week here at Radio Nutrition.  Blueberries get lots of press lately for so-called super food status, thanks to unique antioxidant content.  And indeed, blueberries do have lots of good nutritional qualities: Low calorie: one whole cup of raw blueberries has […]

Antioxidants overrated?

If you get your nutrition factoids from food labels, you probably think antioxidants are miraculous cure-alls, and the more the better.  Or you might believe they kill germs, as a recent sample of consumers thought.  But don’t feel bad; even food scientists and health professionals aren’t quite sure if they’re all that useful.  Dr. Carl Keen, […]

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