Salt Wars

Salt = bad, right?  Maybe not so much.  The nutrition world has another controversy* that’s got the Food Police up in arms – the suggestion that cutting back on salt isn’t necessarily going to result in Health Utopia. Salt is sodium chloride, and it’s the sodium part of that molecule that’s linked to increased risk […]

Does fructose cause high blood pressure?

UPDATE: new podcast about this topic posted April 23, 2019 Fructose: ticking time bomb or benign fruit sugar?  These days we get both arguments from all directions.  The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle.  The hysteria started with soft drink companies, who figured out some time ago that sweetening their products with corn […]

Nutrition and heart health update

Along with all the red dresses and heart icons of February, American Heart Month, is some interesting news about heart health and diet. The single-minded obsession with cholesterol is turning out to be short-sighted.A new study from Denmark looked at the relationship between blood triglyceride levels and ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood flow in […]

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