An easy online screening tool for eating disorders

“3 Minutes Can Save a Life” That’s the tag line for the 2016 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, February 21-27th.  The “3 Minutes” refers to an online screening tool, designed to quickly assess a person’s risk for an eating disorder and need for professional help. It’s well known that eating disorders, in particular anorexia, have the […]

10 ideas to control stress eating Play in new window | Download (Duration: 5:01 — 2.3MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAnger, anxiety, depression and frustration – all causes of stress eating. We live stressed out lives.  And we’re surrounded by a ready-to-eat, tasty high calorie food supply.  Put the two together and the stage is set for overeating and […]

7 steps to control overeating

I was talking to someone recently who has struggled with binge eating forever.  This person, 50+ years old, noted that when a project or task is really absorbing, food and eating fall off the radar screen.  But in times of boredom or stress, if food is there, visible, appealing — well all bets are off. […]

Can you be addicted to food?

If food addiction real?  I pondered that question when I confronted the half-eaten carrot cake in the frig this morning.  Couldn’t resist a bite.  Or two.  Well, maybe a sliver.  Carrot cake as crack? The main problem with the idea of food addiction is this: we have to eat.  The idea of food addiction makes […]

Is your personality making you overeat?

In yet another chapter in the effort to blame something besides calories for our obesity epidemic, we have the recent headline “Is your personality making you put on pounds?”  This report focuses on research published last year.  The study spanned 50+ years, which is remarkable enough, and measured thousands of data points for almost 2000 subjects. […]

Binge eating: the solution is not dieting

The vast (literally) majority of Americans who are overweight or obese got that way thanks to years of eating too much and sitting around all day.  Weight creeps on, until one day you look in the mirror and go “oops!”, or something like that.  The weight creep now starts at a very young age for […]

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