Avocado nutrition

  Since 2000, we’ve gone from eating 8 million pounds of avocados on Super Bowl Sunday to a whopping 79 million.  10 X.  Or about 158 million avocados.  According to audience estimates, that’s about 1.3 avocados per viewer.  Wow! Nutritional implications of that?  Avocados are high fat, and high calorie.  Fortunately the fats are mostly […]

Avocado Bowl Sunday

First a correction to a popular urban myth: Super Bowl guacamole consumption does not account for 2/3 of total avocado sales for the year.  It’s more like 5%, and avocado sales during Cinco de Mayo are almost twice that.  Nevertheless, 5% is a whole lot of guacamole.  According to the Hass Avocado Board, the US […]

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